Primary School Kajetana Koviča Radenci


Radgonska cesta 10, 9252 Radenci






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Nataša Lipič

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Erasmus + coordinator

Mina Mazouzi

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eTwinning coordinator

Katja Glazer Leskovšek

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School counsellor:


Special needs teachers:


School librarian:


Other staff:


School canteen:

4 meals a day


242 /of which 24 pupils are offered special expert help and 10 pupils who are identified as talented pupils. Individualized work plan is prepared for all these pupils. The co-coordinators are class teachers who work closely with special needs teachers, the school counsellor and other teachers.

At least 5 students per school year have a refugee status and are provided an individual study and assessment plan.

In each student generation there are students whose mother tongue is not Slovenian and have been already successfully integrated into the Slovenian school system.

Number of pupils in class:

max. 27 / 28


5/6 – 14/15

Duration of primary school education:

9 years

Classes – compulsory:

7.30 – 14.10

Classes in a school year start on 1st September. The last day for class 9 is 15th June, for all the other classes, the last day is 24th June. Classes take place 5 days a week.

Obligatory courses:

Cycling and swimming

Extended programme:

Supplementary classes, school in nature, learning help for pupils, mentoring pupils, after school facilities, extra help for refugee children and children under international protection, internship and mentoring teacher – beginners, implementing the development of various skills (regular exercising, mental health and healthy eating habits)

Monitoring pupils:

7.30 and 11.15 to 16.00



The school is managed by the principal and the school council. The founder of the school is the municipality, school staff is financed by the government.

Professional bodies

  • Teachers’ body is represented by the expert staff of the school
  • Class teachers’ body is represented by the teachers educating and teaching in individual classes
  • Expert bodies are represented by the teachers teaching particular subjects
  • Class teachers are managing individual class

Organization of pupils in the primary school

In primary school pupils are organized in individual classes which is the basic organizational structure of pupils. The executive body in the pupils’ community is the school community and school parliament.



School grounds

20 classrooms, 11 teachers’ offices, learning kitchen and library, toilets, assembly hall, wardrobe, gym and playgrounds, outdoor classroom, school archive. Specialized classrooms such as, art classroom, crafts classroom, chemistry classroom, music classroom and ICT classroom.

Priority tasks of Primary school Kajetana Koviča Radenci

- monitoring and evaluating Educational Plan, School Rules and House Order

- Erasmus + project, eTWINNING School

- preserving the status of ECOSCHOOL, HEALTHY SCHOOL and CULTURAL SCHOOL

- caring for healthy physical and mental development and promoting health

- ensuring permanent mobility in education

- promoting Lifelong learning

- ensuring teaching two foreign languages (English and German) all 9 years

- tasks dealing with national knowledge assessment in years 3, 6 and 9

- quality cooperation with parents

- enabling job counselling for pupils

- cross curriculum activities in practice

- inclusion, individualization and differentiation in classes

- caring for healthy development of pupils

- respecting the use of Ministry of Education approved textbooks and workbooks

- using ICT in classes, following the digital competences strategy

- using virtual staffroom and virtual classrooms

- carrying out Schools in Nature programmes

- enabling active participation of pupils in art and other contests, sports and cultural events

- making pupils aware of ecological problems (saving energy resources, waste collection and more activities according to ECO School goals and its yearly programme), sustainability, developing entrepreneurship.

We are the bubbles on the source of knowledge, respect and health; we would like to be the heart of a kind place, a successful school and pride of the environment where we live.

(The vision of Primary school Kajetana Koviča Radenci)